Superior Quality Built In

At Toyota Manufacturing UK, Members build in quality to the vehicles at every process.

To achieve total quality control, Toyota Manufacturing UK uses standardised work together with visual control to clearly indicate the current status and make it very easy to spot problems. Each member is responsible for the quality of their work and aims never to pass on poor quality to the next stage. If anything unusual is noticed, the member can stop the process. Rigorous scrutiny of key features and functions of each vehicle helps to confirm both the quality of the vehicle and the stability of the production process.

Toyota’s approach to quality

We carry out quality assurance activities based on the three quality principles:-


Customer expectation determines the quality required.


Quality is built in at every stage of the process.


Quality is continuously improved (kaizen)

The three Quality Principles define our Quality Policy.

TMUK Quality Policy

The aim of Toyota UK is to achieve Customer Satisfaction in all activities. This customer satisfaction applies not only to the customer who buys the completed vehicle, but also internally, to everyone who receives the results of another member’s efforts.

The basis to achieving this aim is by using the principles and practices already developed by Toyota Motor Corporation wherever possible, since these techniques have been successfully applied over many years.

These are refined into three basic principles:

  1. Customer expectation determines the quality
    The Quality Standards applied are based on the expectations of a normal Customer, not on our own experiences or circumstances.
    We always seek to delight the Customer by achieving any statutory requirements and by exceeding the minimum Quality Standards. We measure our achievement of this through Shipping Quality Audit.
  2. High quality is “built in” at every stage
    The principles of TPS are used to achieve consistently high quality.
    Members are empowered and expected to be responsible for their own process. We should not pass on poor quality to the next stage.
  3. Quality is continually improved
    Our Quality Standards are reviewed, based on Customer feedback, to continue to reflect the rising expectations of our Customers.
    We apply the principles of kaizen to prevent problems recurring and to continually improve the Quality Management System.
    We strive to achieve the new Quality Target using creativity and teamwork and by working closely with our Suppliers.

Toyota’s approach to quality.

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