How do I apply to work for Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd?

You can find out about current vacancies by clicking on the "View our current vacancies" button on the home page.

How does my company become a supplier for Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd?

We do keep records of prospective companies with whom we may wish to make contact, should the need arise. Should you be interested in becoming a supplier, you are able to register your company details on this website.

In the first instance,click on Toyota UK in the dropdown menu, then click on the supplier registration link. A supplier registration box is available on this page which you can complete the requested information. Your details will then be submitted directly to our Purchasing team.

I am a student wishing to speak to someone at Toyota to gain information for an assignment. Is this possible?

As you may appreciate, we receive many requests of this nature and, whilst we would like to accommodate each and every one, unfortunately, we are not able to do so given our available resources.

It is with regret that we have to decline such requests and, instead, direct people to our website which provides some useful information.

A link is provided below for our Japanese website which is also a very good source of information.


I am seeking sponsorship for an activity I am involved in. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, we do not offer sponsorship.

I have a query regarding one of your products and/or I am interested in purchasing one of your products. Who should I contact?

Please contact your local dealership who are responsible for sales, marketing, after-sales and customer satisfaction.

What post code should I use in my sat nav in order to get to Toyota at Burnaston?

Please use the following code DE65 6DX.

I have been contacted about the Toyota Lottery, what should I do?

Unfortunately, as a global brand, we are often the subject of scams. If you have been notified that you have won either a vehicle or a cash prize from the Toyota Lottery, we can confirm that any such correspondence is not from an authorised Toyota source and is, therefore, not genuine.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

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