Come to the Source and learn about increasing quality, efficiency and competitiveness via A Lean Approach

Our highly acclaimed and successful Toyota Production System (TPS) is admired and copied throughout the world.  It is regarded as the benchmark for manufacturing best practice.

In these difficult and highly competitive times, a lean approach has never been more important.  Companies can come directly to the source at our Burnaston state of the art manufacturing facility and learn more about Toyota’s approach to manufacturing. ‘Increasing quality, efficiency and profitability via a lean approach’, seminars offer delegates a unique introduction to the Toyota Production System (TPS) & Quality Management.

Start the day with an explanation by our Managing Deputy or Deputy Managing Director, who will offer an insight into the world famous Toyota Production System (TPS).  Our General Manager, Manufacturing Support & Revenue will then share key principles and lean manufacturing philosophy with the goal of building in quality. 

Toyota UK was Toyota's first manufacturing plant in Europe, the first to implement TPS from scratch and, throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to see TPS in action on the shopfloor.

Our General Manager of Quality Assurance will outline our quality philosophy and some of the systems we use to ensure superior quality is built into our vehicles and the role each member has in the quality process during a visit to our Quality Learning Centre. 

Following a visit to our manufacturing development obeya area, there will be an explanation by our General Manager of Human Resources on our approach to lean Human Resources Management and the importance of flexible, motivated members, without whom, the system could not operate.

After lunch, you will spend the afternoon on the shop-floor to undertake experiential tours, which include floor management development systems in our paint shop and process effficiency and daily management in our assembly shop.

The day concludes with a panel question and answer session where you will have the opportunity to raise questions to our Senior Management team.

There is a charge for the seminar of £1,000 per delegate.  All monies received in 2020 go to the Toyota Manufacturing UK Charitable Trust, who donate all funds to support the work of many local charities and community groups.  Since 1992, Toyota UK and the Charitable Trust have donated over £6.3 million to the local community.

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To date, the BioPhorum has brought 76 senior executives from across the global Biotech industry to attend Toyota's Lean Approach Seminar. It’s always a fantastic day and we continue to receive excellent feedback.

We were able to see how a benchmark organisation is working. It was amazing to see how Toyota involves its people in all the processes, how they share their knowledge and how engaged they are in fulfilling and improving their job. We learnt that it can be especially easy to engage people if you work with them in the right way. We took a lot of ideas home with us and will try to implement them.