Sustainable Plant

To be truly sustainable, a company must adopt sustainable practices in all of its activities. This is Toyota’s strategic ambition to grow our business in ways that provide benefits to society and to protect the natural environment. Toyota seeks to extend our vision of sustainable development to all of our manufacturing operations

Linking to this European vision, TMUK’s strategy for Sustainable Plant is based on the 3 pillars below:-

In 2008, Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan selected five sustainable plants worldwide to serve as industry leading prototypes for clean and green production. Our UK manufacturing plants at Burnaston, Derbyshire and Deeside, North Wales, were selected as model plants for Toyota in Europe.

As model plants for sustainable activities, TMUK will act as a beacon for environmental excellence, piloting new cleaner processes and greener technologies. Once established, environmental best practices are passed onto the rest of our European operations by the process known as ‘yokoten’ to enable us to realise our ambitious environmental targets. Yokoten means to share information.

Sustainability Data Book

TMUK’s Sustainable Plant Approach

To guide TMUK’s sustainable plant approach, a three pillar strategy has been developed to provide a roadmap for all future environmental activities.

In our journey towards sustainability, Toyota believes that a sustainable plant should be able to operate for more than 100 years with minimal impact on the environment.

To achieve this vision, it should:

  • Use renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.
  • Implement innovative technologies to reduce waste and achieve groundbreaking environmental performance.
  • Enhance the natural environment and preserve ecosystems through tree planting and other conservation activities.

The UK is one of just five Toyota plants worldwide to be designated a Sustainable Plant with first-rate environmental credentials.

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