Supplier Relations

Toyota Manufacturing UK is first and foremost a European company and this is reflected in the choice of suppliers for its plants.

Our procurement policy in Europe is based on three fundamental criteria: Firstly, fair competition, based on an open-door policy. Secondly, mutual trust leading to mutual benefits and thirdly, to work with the best and most competitive partners.

To ensure the delivery of the parts to our UK manufacturing facilities is as simple and efficient as possible, through its logistics partners, we operate a ‘milk-run’ service picking up parts from multiple supplier locations delivering just-in-time to support our production.

Toyota Manufacturing UK has 260 parts and materials suppliers based in the UK and Europe. In addition to these parts and components suppliers, we have around 800 suppliers providing supplies and site services to our two UK plants. These suppliers are predominantly UK based and many are sourced from the local areas around our plants in Derbyshire and Flintshire, North Wales.

Toyota believes in developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships based on mutual trust with all suppliers. To foster that trust, we pursue close and wide-ranging communication to share our business knowledge to enhance our business relationship.

We have clear expectations of the environmental and social responsibilities of our entire supply chain. By working together in partnership with our suppliers we aim to actively enhance our commitment to our stakeholders and to the environment. Our joint efforts reduce the risks on our ability to produce superior quality vehicles for our customers.

Responsibility Guidelines

Download a copy of TMUK's Site & Services Suppliers’ Responsibility Guidelines

Green Purchasing Guidelines

Download a copy of 2016 Toyota Motor Corporation Green Purchasing Guidelines

Supplier Registration

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Sustainable Purchasing

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) source parts and components for all of Toyota’s European Manufacturing Companies (EMCs). TME’s policy is to source high levels of parts and components from European suppliers as part of its goal to be a genuinely local company in every major market.

Toyota has over 500 European suppliers and annually spends over 5 billion euros with these suppliers.

The twenty-first century will be a period when all business activities and all people must work together to resolve global environmental issues, such as those related to energy, climate change, and management of chemical substances.  Toyota requests even greater environmental initiatives by suppliers in their business activities.

In light of these developments, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) have continually revised the "Environmental Purchasing Guidelines" that were adopted in 2001.  These guidelines have incorporated 'Contribution towards Sustainable Development', addressing the increased expectations concerning sustainable development, and re-issued the Guidelines under the name 'Toyota Motor Europe Sustainability Purchasing Guidelines'.

Our suppliers are requested to gain a full understanding of the Guidelines and to engage in regular initiatives in accordance with Toyota's environmental activities. To download a copy of 2016 Toyota Motor Europe Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines please click below.

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