Learning and Development

Training is essential to the on-going development of individuals and supporting improved company performance.

From day one, On- the-Job Development (OJD) supports individuals to learn their own jobs to a level of expertise where they can support the development of others.

All employees are multi-skilled and so broaden their knowledge and optimise production flexibility.

Also, employees are involved directly in running the Toyota Production System. They are given the responsibility for the quality of their own role in the production process, passing on only good work to the next stage on the line which they see as their ‘customer’.

Each occupational classification within the company has a structured development path with clearly identified courses to develop employees’ skills and provide a pathway to the next level within the company.

Courses offered are a combination of Toyota Way Development, Technical Development and Management Development. The company offers financial support for employees who wish to complete external education to support ‘life long learning’.

Commitment Statement by the Organisation Development Senior Manager

To provide a 'learning culture' where individual members own and drive their own development.  Our Leaders actively engage in this continuous process through 'on-the-job' coaching and mentoring.

We aim to provide clear career pathways with the appropriate balance of Toyota, technical and personal skills development, enabling each Member to maximise their capability.

In addition, we endeavour to provide the appropriate academic rigour at each stage of their career, along with formal recognition of skills gained and qualifications acquired.

Supporting the wider community is also important.  Schools, businesses and charitable causes benefit through the provision and sharing of skills by our Members, enabling us to demonstrate our commitment of 'lifelong learning' to our stakeholders.