The Big Bang Fair

Annually, Engineering UK organises ‘The Big Bang’ initiative at various venues around the UK. The Velodrome in Derby hosts the regional show in the East Midlands. The event showcases the very best of the region, from the fantastic work carried out by student STEM clubs, to the companies and institutions that are innovating, researching and manufacturing across the STEM spectrum.

Students, teachers and science clubs are invited to showcase the great science, technology, engineering and maths projects they’ve been working on. They can talk to STEM professionals about their work and also enter a variety of competitions, including the regional heats of the Big Bang Competition.

It is a programme of UK-wide events that get students excited about science, technology, engineering and maths. Fun-filled theatre shows, hands-on exhibits, interactive workshops and a wide range of careers information from local and national employers – these are the kind of things that can be found at one of The Big Bang Fairs.

The Big Bang Near Me programme plays a vital role in inspiring the UK’s future scientists and engineers at a regional, local and school level. Encouraging more people to take these subjects, as well as celebrating young people’s achievements in science and engineering through displaying their STEM projects and letting them talk with engineers and scientists, face-to-face.

The UK needs many more scientists and engineers and equipping young people with skills in science, technology, engineering and maths is key to their future employability.

TMUK is committed to supporting young people in STEM subjects and, annually, we support the Big Bang Initiative.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Big Bang - why not come along and try your hand at some of the dexterity and ‘have a go’ opportunities.

Big Bang

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