Employee Representation

The Toyota Members' Advisory Board (TMAB) is the forum for employee representation. The aim of TMAB is to ensure that employees are represented effectively in company decisions regarding employment issues and terms and conditions.

TMAB’s purpose is to achieve 6 principal objectives:

  1. To provide an opportunity for all Employees to be kept informed about company plans and performance.
  2. To offer advice and ideas which will assist the company to become more effective and successful.
  3. To provide a forum for Employees’ views to be taken into account by the company in reaching its business decisions.
  4. To consider and, if appropriate, advise on matters of general interest to Employees such as safety, timekeeping, attendance, the working environment, catering and social amenities.
  5. To review with the company, Salaries and other Terms and Conditions of Employment in a constructive and well informed manner.
  6. To consider and advise on solutions to difficulties which might otherwise lead to conflict. TMAB Meetings are held eight times per year and include the annual salary review.