Health and Safety

Health and Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing safe processes, and maintaining safe equipment to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Safety training is part of our policy of continuous improvement. Training commences during the induction programme and continues throughout an employee’s career.

Safety is integral to each employee’s working day. At pre shift meetings, safety is the first agenda item and pre safety checks are carried out on equipment. It is also important to confirm employees health ahead of each shift.

Safe working is split into three key areas, safe processes and equipment, safety kaizen and training and confirmation. For all three areas to be effective, employees require a safety mind. This is enhanced via KYT (hazard awareness training) and near miss reporting. A fundamental part of the Toyota Way is genchi-genbutsu - (go, look and study) and plays a key part in the accident prevention process and allows senior management to witness first hand any safety related issues and to heighten awareness of health and safety issues.

Each year in order to raise safety awareness of employees ‘safety focus months’ are designated. During this time special focus activities are carried out and promotional material circulated to all employees.

Commitment Statement by the Health & Safety Senior Manager

To promote a safety culture where all members are involved in ensuring that all activities are carried out to the highest safety standards. Where members and leaders are actively engaged in health and safety improvement and give time for health and safety.

A comprehensive Occupational Health service is provided for all employees. This commences with the pre employment medical through to regular health confirmations throughout an employee’s career. Occupational health centres are manned by trained health professionals to support members with ill health, occupational health advice and illness prevention. In addition we provide private healthcare (WPA Protocol) for employees and family members.

Commitment Statement by the Occupational Health Centre Manager

To promote the highest degree of Health Surveillance and Preventive Care Management System’s. To ensure the optimum Member healthcare outcomes for illness and injury within the most efficient timescales, leading to maximum member availability.

The below graph shows that, through our continued focus in this crucial area, we have been able to reduce the number of loss time accidents and incidents of Muscular Skeletal Symptoms (MSS) at our UK manufacturing plants.