Donations - Cars and Components

Since 2015, a total of 162 vehicles have been donated, 133 of which were to both Derbyshire and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services.

In June 2011, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service launched its pioneering ‘Transformer’ vehicle. Using a Toyota Avensis, students from Derby University were able to build a vehicle which, is today, considered a valuable addition, not only to their training resources, but also key in road safety initiatives.

The “Transformer” vehicle has been used to educate other emergency services in the many options available to them when faced with casualty extrication. Neighbouring Fire Services such as Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire have visited Derbyshire Fire Service following the creation of the ‘Transformer’, which has not only allowed for a better transfer of information between services, but also a far superior working relationship between the Training Centres. This has, ultimately, contributed greatly to service delivery, not only within Derbyshire, but on a national scale.

Engagement with and education of young drivers, as part of their Road Traffic Collision Reduction Initiative, has also been made possible. Key has also been the education of their own firefighters to observe the techniques and methods used to extract casualties over and over again with little cost, whilst keeping entrapment times to an absolute minimum.

The ‘Transformer’ has reached as far away as South Africa, with enquiries to create something similar in order to educate medics in their own country.