Avensis Loaned to Treetops Hospice

Toyota was glad to support Treetops Hospice in Derby with the loan a Toyota Avensis for their Roaming Nurse service. The service sees a registered nurse and healthcare assistant respond to calls from Hospice at Home nurses or patients in their homes each evening.

The team are equipped with full PPE, a care kit, and work in addition to the existing Hospice at Home nurses who provide overnight care for patients.

Phil Shreeve, Director of Clinical Services, explains: “At present, our Hospice at Home nurses are providing overnight and day care for patients in palliative care, who’ve chosen to beat home. This service is continuing as normal, as we know how vital it is for families to know their loved ones are being cared for whilst they get a few hours’ sleep or a break.

“The new Roaming Service means we can care for even more patients and alleviate pressures on the NHS. As an example, our nurses can call the Roaming Service for help to deliver pain medication to a patient.

“We also have families that perhaps don’t need a Treetops nurse to sit with a patient for a whole night but might need to call with a one-off request. They can now call the Roaming Service who can respond quickly and who have an existing knowledge of the patient and their needs.

“This service simply wouldn’t exist were it not for the help of Toyota. We needed a vehicle that our nurses could use each evening for several hours and potentially drive hundreds of miles across the city and county to deliver care. For this reason, we want to say a huge thank you to them.”

The Hospice at Home nurses have been taking it in turns to assist with the Roaming Service, and the responses from families and nurses has been very positive. “Since the Roaming Service has started, it has made it possible for us to reach more patients through the night than before” Nicola Ward explains, a nurse who’s worked at Treetops for nearly five years.

“We are literally a phone call away and this has already been a great comfort to many families. It is a real honour to provide this new service to our patients as it ensures they are receiving the very best care."


Treetops Hospice Impact Report pdf download