A Lean Approach

Our highly acclaimed and successful Toyota Production System (TPS) is admired and copied throughout the world. It is regarded as the benchmark for manufacturing best practice.

In these difficult times of increasing competition, a lean approach has never been more important. Companies can come directly to the source and observe our Burnaston state of the art manufacturing facility,  where you will learn more about Toyota’s approach to manufacturing, increasing quality, efficiency and profitability. 

Our Lean Approach Seminars offer delegates a unique introduction to the Toyota Production System (TPS) & Quality Management.  They are also the main source of income for our Toyota Manufacturing UK Charitable Trust.  All monies received go directly to the Trust and are donated to support the work many charities and community groups. Since 1992, Toyota UK and the Charitable Trust have donated over £7 million to many worthy causes.


Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

  • Wednesday 15 May - FULLY BOOKED
  • Wednesday 24 July
  • Wednesday 11 September
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Dedicated Company Seminars

We are happy to work with individual companies and support them on their lean journey.

Please call the number below for more details.


How your day is planned

The day commences at 8am and finishes at 5pm

Introduction to Toyota

Introduction to Toyota

You will be welcomed by our MD or DMD who will give a brief overview on our UK operations, whilst sharing our Toyota Way philosophy.

Introduction to the Toyota Production System

Introduction to the Toyota Production System

Gain a solid grounding in the fundamental principles of TPS. TPS is a unique manufacturing philosophy, created to eliminate waste and achieve the best possible efficiency.



See for yourself how we develop our Members and Supervisors to practically do TPS. TMUK uses visual information to standardise, assess and manage activities. The Obeya Room is a space designed to present visual information to everyone in the team for on the spot decision making. Visualisation turns good data into clear evidence of what is really happening.

Quality Learning Centre (QLC)

Quality Learning Centre (QLC)

Experience how we empower each Member with the value of “quality first”. Established to ensure a total focus on customer safety, our QLC demonstrates how Toyota changed its culture following the crisis in 2009 and 2010 and the subsequent recall, cutting out silos, addressing quality issues and rebuilding reputation. It underlines how safety is everyone’s responsibility and how keeping the customer safe comes first. It also reminds us not to forget the past and to celebrate restart as an opportunity to refocus.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Learn how we drive kaizen by developing flexible, motivated Members. The role of HR systems are calibrated to ensure mutual trust and respect, flexible and motivated members and a continuous improvement culture exist. All of which are key to the Toyota Way, which you will see throughout your day with us.



Enjoy an informal sit down meal with our senior management team.



Floor Management Development Systems (FMDS). See how we keep the standard through effective visualisation, providing easy and quick detection of abnormalities, allowing active daily problem solving within the framework of clear targets/KPIs.

Press & Weld

Press & Weld

Experience real productivity improvement through process kaizen. See the Toyota process management method by developing the most efficient process, contributing to the continuous improvement cycle and daily process management.

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer Session

Reconvene with our Senior Management to further question what you have seen throughout the day in an informal, open and honest discussion.

Who this course is for

Our Lean Approach Seminars target those in leadership roles whose organisations are embarking on a lean transformation journey and want inspiration on how a Lean Approach can make a difference to quality, competitiveness and engaging your workforce.


Lean thinking has been with Fortaco since the company was born. We believe in true lean.

To us, it is not just about improvement of a specific process by copying solutions used at Toyota. It is more about building a culture that helps our people reach their goals, therefore improving our business by having simultaneous activities on many levels.

We do not invest in lean departments. We want our leaders to understand what true lean is. The best way to understand is to learn from the source.

It was a great discovery for us to learn that TMUK arranges seminars, where delegates can see for themselves TMUK’s working environment and the way their leaders run the business. This is way more effective than reading a book about lean or hiring a lean consultant.

Our people started attending TMUK Seminars at the vehicle manufacturing facility in Burnaston, Derbyshire, in Spring 2018. Since that time, 52 colleagues have visited TMUK, including our top leaders, all heads of units and all production directors. We also invited some middle managers, engineers, and our HR departments. They all came back inspired and, more importantly, started to use the learning acquired within their own areas of Fortaco. They emphasize the importance, during the Seminar, of having the opportunity to ask questions directly to the people who contribute to the success of the Toyota organisation. We will definitely continue sending our personnel, as we find this to be a great investment in people, even though we are not an automotive company.


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Experience a Toyota Way Masterclass in Virtual Reality

The pressures caused by Covid-19 have affected many charities and organisations, including our own Charitable Trust which has struggled to raise much-needed funding throughout 2020 and 2021. As our Lean Approach activity came to a sudden halt, new and innovative ways were needed to deliver our much sought after Seminars.

TMUK has been working in partnership with The Leadership Network (TLN), a global leader in developing transformational training, and Dr Jeffrey Liker for over seven years, training more than 800 executives to date on how to create a Lean culture in their companies.

Today, we venture into new territory and are excited to be involved with the executive Masterclass "Leading the Toyota Way" in Virtual Reality (VR), alongside our own on-site Seminars.  The VR experience enables us to offer additional options to share our ways of working, whilst supporting those much needed and worthy charitable causes.

The 5-day Masterclass captures the essence of Toyota's approach: going into every day with a healthy sense of crisis. The Lean mindset is about engaging everyone in solving problems and delivering kaizen more efficiently on a daily basis. With the Masterclass now delivered through Gemba, TLN's award-winning VR platform, this knowledge can be accessed by thousands of companies in need of transformation worldwide.

To find out more about the “Leading the Toyota Way” Masterclass in VR, follow the link below.

The Toyota Way

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The cost of the seminar is £1,100 per delegate, which goes to the Charitable Trust.

A donation invoice will be emailed to you and donations should be made by cheque of BACS transfer within 28 days.

Payments must be recieved prior to your attendance at the Seminar.


Seminar places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

On acceptance of your application form, we will issue payment details.

Joining instructions will follow nearer to the Seminar date. If you have not received these two weeks prior, please contact the organiser.


If you need to cancel more than one week after a donation invoice has been issued, donations to the Charitable Trust cannot be refunded.

However, a substitute delegate from your own organisation can be nominated. This should be submitted in writing at least four weeks prior to your Seminar date.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the programme or reschedule dates.