Art of Manufacturing (AOM)

Toyota Art of Manufacturing logo This is an exciting opportunity for primary school children to spend the day at TMUK and experience the world of manufacturing. The programme supports the promotion of STEM subjects and allows children to see, hear and touch the world of manufacturing within a stimulating and safe learning environment.

The day reinforces the importance of working hard at school. The learning objectives align with the school curriculum and provide children the opportunity to experience the world of work. The children are set individual, team and full class challenges, which can be shared back at school or taken home. As well as learning about Japanese culture, we share the story of the Toyoda family, setting the wheels in motion for the beginning of the Toyota journey. An explanation of the site, its size and it’s layout is shared along with a chance to see the cars that we build at our Burnaston facility.

AOM focuses on health & safety at school and at home. Managing time is also an important aspect, supporting the next stage of their educational journey into secondary school. It enlightens the children to better understand how school and work are the same, but without the pay!

AOM takes the children on a journey forward in time where imagination and creativity are essential to design a car of the future. They learn to be part of an effective team and build trial Lego cars, prior to running a production line with agreed targets.

It is essential that children are able to touch and use real tools which are used on the shop floor for them to experience real life working. They are challenged to generate electricity, use their dexterity skills, build electronic circuits and dent removal hammers.

We are currently working with feeder schools of our partnered secondary schools. In addition, we support those schools, within radius of the plant, who accommodate our members children. There is, however, a waiting list in place.

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