Previous generation trial vehicles to donated to Derbyshire Police

Derbyshire Police TMUK recently donated two previous generation trial vehicles to Derbyshire Police which will be used to support officers to acquire, develop and maintain vital skills.

The first beneficiary was their Taser Training Unit, where a team of 6 officers are responsible for the training and re-qualification of all Taser trained officers across the force. Training to ensure that any Taser usage takes place safely happens virtually every day of the year and involves hundreds of officers. This donation will allow training scenarios involving vehicles. TMUK are proud to support this vital work.

The second beneficiary was their Operational Support Unit, where a specialist search team are regularly required to search vehicles for evidence, offences or explosive devices. The vehicle will have interior panels removed so that items can be hidden. Search teams can then put their skills into practice.

Inspector Emma Marshall from Derbyshire Police said “we would like to thank Toyota (UK) Ltd for the donation of the two vehicles which enables us to create more realistic training scenarios for officers in order to best prepare them for their roles”.