Public Visit Programme - Burnaston
Frequently Asked Questions

Toyota Manufacturing UK operates a Public Visit Programme which gives members of the general public the opportunity to visit our Burnaston site and learn more about the company, subject to production restrictions.  Bookings for visits are made strictly by application only.

How do I apply for a visit?

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The first step is to register your interest here on our website by selecting the 'Register Your Interest' section.  You will then need to submit and application in order to apply for a visit.  

Who can visit?

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Our visitors include UK businesses, community groups, private individuals and Toyota customers.  We try to put similar types of groups together to fill each visit.

Please be aware that our Learning & Development team are responsible for primary and secondary school visits as part of our wider strategy to promote STEM subjects within local schools.  If you wish to register your interest in our schools programme, please email

Our Public Visit programme targets only those groups who are resident in the UK.

Where does the visit take place?

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The visit is based at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd Visitor Centre on the Burnaston site. The visit itself will include a short tour of our production facilities. Visitors should bring warm clothing and ensure that their arms are covered at all times. 

What does the visit include?

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All visits begin with a short registration session and refreshments in the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd Visitor Centre.  The visit content will differ depending on the type of visit you have applied for, eg Business or Local Community.

Visitors make their way into the presentation hall for a brief presentation regarding Toyota in the UK and a summary of the world famous Toyota Production System.  We will then walk you down to our Assembly building where you will undertake a walking tour.  Please note that, for this particular visit, visitors will be required to wear safety over-shoes and will need to be able to walk on foot comfortably for approximately 45 minutes.  An introduction to standardised work will also take place with a group exercise which will involve some hands-on activity.

Local Community 
Visitors make their way into the presentation hall for a brief presentation regarding Toyota in the UK.  We will then make our way onto an electric tour train where we will undertake a brief tour of Press, Weld and Assembly.  Please be aware that the tour itself will last around one hour and twenty minutes.  Tours within Press and Weld are short in duration and restricted due to production layout.

University Students can be accommodated on the Business programme only.

All visits conclude with a short question and answer session.

Will I be required to wear personal protective equipment?

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Local Community visitors will visit our Press and Weld areas and should ensure that their arms are covered at all times.  Visitors will also be required to wear a hard hat, safety glasses and ear plugs during the shop-floor tour.  These items will be provided for you.

Business visitors will be required to wear safety over shoes and a high viz vest during the walking tour of our Assembly shop.  Visitors are more than welcome to bring their own safety shoes, otherwise safety over-shoes will be provided.  Please note that the safety over-shoes are designed for use with flat, enclosed shoes.

How long does a visit normally last?

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The visit normally lasts around 3 hours.

What time of the day do visits take place?

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Visits take place twice a week, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They commence at 0900hrs and conclude around mid-day.  We regret we are unable to offer weekend, afternoon or evening visits.

How many people can I bring on a visit?

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The demand for visits is very high; we therefore limit the number of people per party in order to give more people/organisations the opportunity to visit our facility.  We try to mix each party with similar groups in order to fill each visit. 

Business visits can accommodate a maximum of 30 people per visit.  However, business visitors will be restricted to a maximum of 3 people, per organisation, per year.

Local Community visits can accommodate a  maximum of 40 people per visit. No restrictions apply.

Do you provide refreshments and can we dine there?

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We provide refreshments on arrival.  However, we do not provide snacks or meals and you are unable to purchase these during the visit.

Do you have a minimum age limit for the visit?

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For health and safety reasons, the minimum age of any visitor is 7 years old.

How much do you charge for the visit?

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As you can imagine, visits are very resourceful.  For that reason, we do not charge but do request a donation to the Toyota Manufacturing UK Charitable Trust.  All donations received are allocated to local charities at the end of each year.  Our nominated charity for 2018, the Air Ambulance, will also benefit from your donation.  Local Community visitors are asked for a £10 per person donation and Business visitors £15 per person (not applicable to students).  This will be requested on arrival and can be paid by cash or cheque.  

Cheques should be made payable to Toyota Manufacturing UK Charitable Trust.

Am I able to take photographs during the visit?

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The taking of photographs is permitted within the Visitor Centre itself, however, it is strictly prohibited during the tour and in all other areas of the site. Still photographs, film, videotape or any other audio-visual material recorded within the Visitor Centre may not be sold or used commercially in any way.  Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd reserves the right to search audio-visual equipment, including mobile phones and confiscate relevant images if a breach of our photography policy is suspected.

Am I able to choose the date I visit?

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Whilst we recognise that there may be certain times of the year when you would prefer to visit, visit dates will be allocated as and when they become available.  Once the application form is released, please specify on the appropriate section of the form if there are dates when you know you will be unable to attend.

Can I park near to the Visitor Centre?

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Yes, there is a car park directly outside the visitor centre. 

Can you tailor the visit to meet my specific area of interest?

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The visit is intended to be a general overview covering a number of areas.  You will be able to ask for further information on your area of interest during the question and answer session.  As we have a large range of visitors with many diverse interests, we are unable to tailor the content according to your specific area of interest.

Should you be interested in a more in depth visit to our facility, you may be interested in our Lean Approach Seminars which typically take place around five times a year. This gives businesses the opportunity to meet our Senior Management team in order to better understand TPS and our approach to quality and human resource management in more detail.   The afternoon is spent on the shopfloor seeing the learning from the morning put in practice and focuses on kaizen, floor management development systems along with production efficiency and daily management.

For further details, please refer to the home page and open the icon in the top right corner labelled "Lean Approach Seminars".

How do I get there?

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Our factory is located on the A38/A50, 6 miles south of Derby. 

From M1 northbound: Leave the M1 at junction 24 (signposted Nottingham South).  Approach the roundabout using the left hand lane.  At the roundabout take the second exit to join the A50 towards Stoke-on-Trent/Derby.  Continue on the A50 to the junction with the A38.

From the M1 southbound: Leave the M1 at junction 24 (signposted to Stoke-on-Trent A50) and join the A50 for Stoke (fourth exit on the round-about) continue to the junction with the A38. 

Or leave the M1 at junction 28 and join the A38 southbound towards Birmingham/Burton-on-Trent and continue until the junction with the A50.

From M6: Leave the M6 at junction 15 to join the A50 through Stoke towards Derby continue to the junction with the A38.

From M42:  Leave the M42 at junction 9 to join the A446 for Lichfield.  Then join the A38 northbound towards Burton-on-Trent and continue to the junction with the A50. 

Or from the M42 join the M6 toll road northbound and pay to leave the toll road at junction T5 to join the A38 northbound.  Travel on the A38 northbound towards Burton-on-Trent and continue to the junction with the A50. 

Please ensure, if using sat nav, the following postcode is used: DE65 6DX.

If my application is successful, will I receive further confirmation of my visit nearer to the visit date, for example, by e-mail or telephone?

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No. If your application is successful, you will receive online confirmation and a confirmation e-mail. Once you have received the confirmed booking with a booking reference number (online and via e-mail), you will not receive any further confirmation by e-mail or phone. With regret, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd may occasionally have to cancel visits at short notice - if this is the case, we will contact you as soon as we are able. In order to confirm your visit, we require the name of each attendee at least one week in advance of your visit. Please complete the list of your attendees online as follows: - 

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Follow the route: Homepage -> Community -> Public Visits -> Application
  3. Enter your unique username & password
  4. Move to the bottom of the confirmation page
  5. Click on 'Enter Names Now'.
  6. Enter names in the spaces provided (one name per space)
  7. Click 'Save and Continue'

Failure to complete these details may result in your booking being cancelled.  

Who can I contact if I need help completing the registration/booking form?

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Email and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.  Bookings for visits must be made on-line only - we are unable to accept bookings over the telephone or by email.