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There are two manufacturing plants in the UK representing a total investment of £2.75 billion and approximately 3,000 members (including Agency) are employed. The vehicle manufacturing plant is located at Burnaston in Derbyshire, the engine manufacturing plant is located at Deeside in North Wales. The first car, a Carina E, drove off the Burnaston production line on 16 December 1992. The Avensis replaced the Carina E in 1997 and in 2008 the third generation Avensis was launched. In 1998 a second model, the Corolla, was introduced and in 2001 the new generation Corolla was launched. In 2007, production of Auris, the new Toyota hatchback, started replacing Corolla. Production of the Auris Hybrid, the first full mass-produced hybrid in Europe, began in 2010. In 2013, the Auris Touring Sport was introduced.  The processes at Burnaston include stamping, welding, painting, plastic mouldings and assembly and at Deeside machining, assembly and aluminium casting.

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Toyota believes in a policy of localising its vehicles to meet the specific needs of Europe’s varied customers.


Find out about our story to date. From the Carina through to the Auris.

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The Auris Hybrid, the Auris 5dr, the Auris Touring Sport and the Avensis - all are built in the UK.

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Through the social contributions programme, over £5.5 million has been donated to charities and organisations by Toyota.

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At every stage of a vehicle's life, Toyota strives to protect the environment through reducing energy use and minimising waste.