Equal Opportunities

Toyota Manufacturing UK is committed to the principle of Equal Opportunities by providing fair and equitable treatment to all Members and applicants. We seek to abide by the intent as well as the letter of appropriate legislation in these matters and our management team is committed to the promotion of and adherence to the Equal Opportunities Policy.

Only with the commitment and support of all employees can we achieve an environment of mutual trust and respect. Our Equal Opportunities Policy has been developed in conjunction with TMAB – Toyota Members' Advisory Board. Its aim is to ensure providing equal opportunities to all applicants and Members, regardless of their gender, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, or nationality.

Our equal opportunities policy applies to all employees and all contractors working on site are made aware of its content. The policy covers: Discrimination – direct and indirect, Harassment, Victimisation, Recruitment and selection, Promotion, Transfer, Development Equal opportunities awareness and how to raise a concern.

The Equal Opportunities Steering Group, chaired by the General Manager of Human Resources, meets on a bi-annual basis and review key statistics. The Steering Group will report key information to company level meetings as required on a regular basis. The Steering Group also proposes any appropriate actions based on the information reported.

Our aim is for our employee population to broadly reflect the ethnic minority group mix of the local communities in which we operate. Our current ethnic minority group population, of those declaring, is 5.75%. The ethnic minority groups population of the East Midlands is 10.7% and in Wales is 4.4% (Source: Office of National Statistics)

The gender breakdown of our employee population is measured as shop floor and office groups. For shop floor the gender breakdown is 1.8% female & 98.2% male. Within the office and support areas the gender breakdown is 31% female & 69% male.

The percentage of females represented in the managerial population within the company is 10%. The average age of our employees is 44 years.

To download a copy of our Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work policy, please click on the icon below.

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