Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Formed in 1962 as Derbyshire Naturalists' Trust, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) is one of 47 local Trusts around the UK working to promote and protect local wildlife. They are the only organisation in Derbyshire working to protect all wildlife across the whole county. They manage 42 nature reserves, including moorland, wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows and have 14,000 members and 500 volunteers supporting their work around the county.

Wildlife at Burnaston

TMUK is a corporate member of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) and work together on a number of projects. Our aim at all times is to be ‘in harmony with our natural surroundings’.

TMUK was the first business to sign up to DWT’s ‘Transforming the Trent Valley’ initiative. The initiative aims to encourage businesses and landowners to commit to preserving or restoring wildlife habitats on their land.  TMUK was recognised for the hard work involved in setting up their own wildlife site.  The DWT have led the project in regenerating and maintaining the wetland area around the balancing lakes at Burnaston.