Gary practices some Genchi Genbutsu (go, look, see)

After leaving Birmingham City as Manager, Gary Rowett studied for the UEFA Pro License just down the road at St George's Park.  As part of his final project, he was looking at how Football can learn from a company like Toyota in terms of engaging and empowering its members, with a particular interest in kaizen.

In typical Toyota fashion, what better way to find out the facts than to practice some genchi genbutsu and come directly to the source, here at our vehicle manufacturing plant in Derbyshire.  Gary was taken into Paint where hoshin, shop power boards, Primary Process Operator and Team Leader boards were explained, with extra time added for him to put his painting skills into practice.  In Assembly, examples of recent on-line kaizen activity were shared.

Summing up his visit, Gary said “I was very fortunate to visit TMUK as part of my UEFA pro license studies.  It was an incredible insight into business and how some of the processes can be transferred to elite sport. Everyone that showed me around shared their experiences and expertise and made the day specific to the areas I wanted to learn more about. Having driven past the plant every day for 9 years, I now appreciate the effort and detail that goes into producing Toyota cars.  More importantly, I have witnessed how a team combines to aspire to be the best they can".

All in all, a good day had by all – we hope the presentation to the FA went well Gary.