The Lucy Prince Award

Lucy was employed at Toyota Manufacturing UK within the Quality Assurance Division when, in July 2010, she unexpectedly passed away.

During her 8 years with Toyota, Lucy was well known for her passion for charitable causes and was a staunch and active supporter of the Toyota Charitable Trust, having fundraised for many charitable causes.

In order to recognise Lucy’s significant contribution, the Toyota Charitable Trust introduced the Lucy Prince Community Grant Award over a five year period.  2015 being the final year that the Award will be made.

Typically, the Toyota Charitable Trust provides grants of up to £1,000 on a quarterly basis for successful projects in the fields of environment, children, education and health within our local community - as per the Community Grant Application Form. 

However, the Lucy Prince Community Grant Award is an enhanced, one off amount of £5,000 which is awarded on an annual basis. This particular award is aimed at those organisations who aim to support and bring about improvements in family life, specifically targeting families within the Derbyshire area.

Recipients of the award:-

  • 2010   The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, Skegness
  • 2011   The Arena Food bank, Ilkeston
  • 2012   Alfreton Park Community Special School
  • 2013   Cruse Bereavement Care, Derby Branch
  • 2014   Play and Recycling Centre, Derby
  • 2015   Umbrella, Derby