How We Manufacture

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is carried out in every Toyota manufacturing plant across the world, so customers can be assured that when they purchase a Toyota, it has a consistent level of qualitybuilt in.

TPS has three desired outcomes; firstly, to provide the customer with the highest quality vehicles, at the lowest possible cost, in a timely manner with the shortest possible lead times. Secondly, to provide members with work satisfaction, job security and fair treatment. Finally, it gives the company flexibility to respond to the market, achieve profit through cost reduction activities and long-term prosperity.

TPS strives for the absolute elimination of waste, overburden and unevenness in all areas to allow members to work smoothly and efficiently. The foundations of TPS are built on standardisation to ensure a safe method of operation and a consistent approach to quality. Toyota members seek to continually improve their standard processes and procedures in order to ensure maximum quality, improve efficiency and eliminate waste. This is known as kaizen and is applied to every sphere of the company's activities.